Keeping kids healthy

Keeping kids healthy

Childhood obesity is a problem we're aware of at Asda. By encouraging your kids to take part in Asda Kwik Cricket, you're already helping them stay fit and active

Getting them to eat a healthy, balanced diet will help too. Here are a few tips to make that easier:

- Having breakfast means less snacking later on and it has also been proved to improve alertness, concentration, mental performance, motivation and memory. Wholegrain cereal with fruit and milk/yoghurt; omelette made with vegetables; eggs (not fried) and toast (1 to 2 ratio) and fruit; or a smoothie with milk, fruit, yoghurt, honey, oats, peanut butter etc are delicious options.

- Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, home-made smoothies and broccoli (believe it or not!) are an essential part of a healthy diet as they include calcium – this is essential for optimal performance by helping your kids’ bones stronger to resist fractures

- In order to get your kids’ bodies ready for training, make them eat a meal 3-4 hours or a snack 1-2 hours before exercise. This should consist of lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains. Don’t forget the importance of recovery after exercise – choose carbohydrate rich foods (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruits, milk and yoghurt) and make sure it’s served within 30-60 minutes after the exercise.

- A packed lunch filled with fresh fruit (or dried fruit, which is sweeter) is a good idea. Why not pack one before a match?

- Turn the weekly shop into a game, and see if your kids can work out what's best for a week of healthy meals

Here are a few tips on hydration for you and your kids from Buxton Mineral Water, who once again are providing water for all county finals to keep your kids hydrated and refreshed:

- Keeping well hydrated helps maintain sport skills performance

- A young boy (9-13 years old) should drink as much as 1.8L of liquid a day, including water.

- When you practice a physical activity, you should increase your water intake. Drink water before, during and after sport!

- Water is central to the regulation of body temperature through perspiration and sweating, and for transportation of vital nutrients to all cells of the body. Drink water for a healthy lifestyle

- Keep water handy for your child and encourage them to drink throughout the day

- GOOD TO REMEMBER:  Because children need to concentrate for long periods during the day, it is important for them to avoid dehydration by drinking water regularly. Remember children usually don't notice that they are dehydrated!