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Mar 30th

Teams section error

By The Asda Kwik Cricket team
Hi everyone,

it looks like some of you are experiencing problems when trying to approve other users to join your team - we apologize for this and are working hard to resolve the issue asap.. We know that some of you worked very hard to get people on the site so please don't worry, you won't miss out on your free kwik cricket sets once you get your 8 team members! 

Your Asda Kwik Cricket team
Mar 30th

Well done to Cumbria and Northumberland Asda stores

By The Asda Kwik Cricket team
Hello Kwik Cricketers,

As you probably know, kwik cricket organizers work very closely with community colleagues from Asda stores across the UK to make sure they know where and when they have to go to hand out healthy food and drink to young players and help out with the events.

Asda stores across Durham and Northumberland are not wasting any time and met last week with their local kwik cricket managers to discuss this year's competition and decide on who's going to attend what events. Well done to Mavis from the South Shields store for organizing and coordinating this meeting and for helping those community colleagues who are new to the job and haven't worked on the Asda Kwik Cricket before. Thanks to Mavis we now have dates and venues for Durham and Northumberland kwik cricket festivals, which will be uploaded shortly in 'The Tournament' section for you to have a look at.

Good teamwork everyone!

Your Asda Kwik Cricket team
Mar 28th

Free Kwik Cricket Sets

By The Asda Kwik Cricket team
Hi everyone,

We've had lots of new members signing up to the website which is great - keep up the good work!

Just to remind everyone that in order to be eligible to receive free kwik cricket set for your school you need to complete all of the following steps. It looks complicated but it really is pretty SIMPLE!

 This is how you do it:
- Register (top right hand corner where it says 'sign up') 
- You have to await for the confirmation from administrator who will send you an email which you just click through

(Most of you have already done the above)
- After you complete your registration, set up your own online team (in Teams section). 
- Ask at least 8 other people (teachers, parents, students, cricket coaches... can be anyone) to sign up to the site as you did at the beginning. After they do this, they have to join your team (they can search for it in the Teams section). 
- Once this is all done, please drop an email to just to let us know and we'll send you kwik cricket set.

Good luck everyone and if you're facing any problems please just drop us a line on!Set Together.jpg
Mar 17th

Hello fellow ASDA Kwik Cricketers

By The Asda Kwik Cricket team

As you all know ASDA Kwik Cricket Competition will be kicking off again soon and as you haven’t heard from us for some time know, we thought we should update you on all the new and exciting things that will happen around the competition this year. 

First of all, we will be making some changes to the actual ASDA Kwik Cricket website you’ve got open right now, giving you more exciting content and opportunities to win truly amazing prizes for your school. Read on to find out more… Implementing these changes should not affect functionality of the website, so don’t worry, you’ll still have access to your tournament information and also to your online teams! If you haven’t got an online team yet make sure that you ask your teacher to set one up for you and have all your mates and mums and dads join in. All your teacher needs to do is click ‘Sign up’ and follow the instructions. Once all your mates are signed up to the website they can easily join your team by clicking ‘Join team’ next to the team’s profile.

Two important things to remember:

1.       Not having an online team = not getting a chance to win one of the 1,000 amazing prizes we have available for you guys this year!

2.       The more members your team has, the better chance of winning!

We have 43 online teams so far so if you think about it, you have a pretty good chance to win if you sign up soon before everyone else does!

This is what you could win:

-          Coaching session from England players – check out Your News section and look for the story about kwik cricketers from Scarning VC Primary in Norfolk who met Steve Finn and Jonathan Trott last year. Yes, these are the same guys you see on TV when watching England cricket team play!

Group shot-Finn with the young players.jpg 

-          Your school could play in front of the massive audience during the Test matches. This is what it feels like to be a professional cricketer!



Randomly selected schools will receive a free ASDA Kwik Cricket kit – so you can practise more and make it to the national finals this year! Kids playing in the national final last year got a chance to meet Graeme Swann and Caroline Atkins. Who knows who’s going to come this year …

Set Together.jpg

Similarly to last year, we will be organizing ASDA Road to the Final again, where selected regional winners from all across the UK will have an ambassador visiting their school to conduct an exclusive coaching session to give them top tips before the big final. It could be your school this year!


The following is probably more relevant to your mums and dads, but if there is anyone at your school or local cricket club who you’d like to say big THANK YOU to for all their time they’ve volunteered for cricket, please let us know at We will then select the best ones who will become ‘ASDA Volunteers of the Month’. Award winners will receive a certificate and £100 worth of ASDA store vouchers and there will be one winner each month. If you let us know their story and what they have been doing to help develop cricket in your community to and deserve this recognition, we will feature their story on the ASDA Kwik Cricket website too.

Asda vol of month april 003.jpg 

That’s it for now, hope you’re all signed up to the ASDA Kwik Cricket Competition 2011 and best of luck to everyone! And make sure you keep on checking the website for any news…

Your ASDA Kwik Cricket team