Play the game

There are loads of ways kids can play Asda Kwik Cricket. It can be adapted to suit the number of children playing and the time available. We’ve included suggestions in the booklet that comes with your Asda Kwik Cricket kit. And there are also some in the pdf of the information pack you can donwload here.

As an example, here’s how to play Pairs Cricket:

Organising the kids

  • Divide the kids into groups of eight
  • Then split each group into pairs
  • Pair One: two batters, who start with 20 runs
  • Pair Two: one bowler and one wicketkeeper
  • Pair Three: two on- (leg-) side fielders
  • Pair Four: two off-side fielders Batting team receives 12 balls If a bowled ball passes outside either cone to the left and right of the wicket it’s a a 'wide' – the batters get one run and an extra ball is bowled
  • Pairs change to new roles after 12 good balls
  • No boundaries
  • Batters lose three runs each time they are bowled, caught, run out or hit wicket
  • Winners are the pair with most runs after every pair has batted

Making it easier or harder

  • Increase or reduce the playing area
  • Increase or reduce the size of the wicket the batter must defend
  • Introduce boundaries and boundary scores

Including disabled children

  • Use a lighter bat or ball

You might also like to download some further ideas here.