About Us

Asda Kwik Cricket is an inclusive sport. Every player has an opportunity to do everything – bowl, field and bat. This makes it perfect for kids to learn all about cricket, because it simplifies the game to its most basic level, keeping them interested all the way through.

The emphasis is on watching and hitting the ball when batting, and there's no problem with anyone getting hurt as the ball is soft – so no need for any protective equipment.

Any number of kids can play in a game, from 2 to 32. You can adapt it to your needs in terms of time, and the number of children who want to play. You can find out more about how to create variations on the How to play page.

About the competition

Aimed at both girls and boys, the Asda Kwik Cricket competition is for under-11s, involving 140,000 kids across 40 counties. It’s the largest sports competition in the UK for the age group. Over 12,000 schools took part in 2011 and over 40,000 kids were awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates in the Kwik Cricket Skill Awards.

The competition starts locally, before proceeding to county finals. If your team is good they could make it all the way to the national final, held at the Leicestershire County Cricket Club. In addition to the Year 6 mixed competition, Asda Kwik Cricket launched a girls’ competition in 2008, which has been hugely successful. The competition is also open to kids who play for a local cricket club.